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Crowborough Common extends from its most northernly point at Beacon Wood, above and behind the clubhouse, to just short of the Crow and Gate public house, bounded on its northwest side by the A26. The common's most southernly point is near Sweethaws Farm on Sweethaws Lane, while to the east it extends to High Broom Road and High Broom Lane.

The total area of the common is 222 acres.

When Earl De La Warr sold the land to the club in 1906 the public were given the right to roam the whole common for the taking of air and exercise, including the areas used for golf.  'One of the Earl's conditions of sale was that the public were not to be excluded from the area.' says Crowborough Beacon Golf Club.  This right of access cannot be extinguished or overridden by other laws or designations. 

Please do not walk on the greens and tees. 

Directions: From the traffic lights at Crowborough town centre (The Cross PH) follow the A26 south towards Uckfield for approximately 1 mile. Crowborough Common begins before the club house, on the left. There is parking at several locations around the common.

Here are two maps you can download and use to explore the common:




Above is the Definitive Map of Crowborough Common as held by East Sussex County Council.  The limits of the common are outlined in green.  If you wish to print a copy click here to download a PDF.

Map 2


Above is the map published with the 1936 Order of Limitations.  If you wish to print a copy click here to download a PDF.

This image is copyright and may not be exploited in commercial publication or public display without the permission of The National Archives Image Library. The National Archives at Kew hold the originals of the 1935 Deed of Declaration with map (MAF3/132), and the 1936 Order of Limitations with map (MAF 3/133).

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